Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After a few suffering week, FINALLY. I can breath for a while.
Today is a sunny day, so I prepare for my sun glasses and feel like dress up nicely to attend styling class.
It is very uncommon for people whom staying in the two seasons country wear a trench coat.
What for? There will be no snow, not even cold wind will blow. 
I realize if I wear trench coat most people will stare at me, but
WHO care? As long as I look good.
However, I could not take the pics of my new babies outdoor because it's suddenly started to rain.
Damn! Why should I bring my cam and sunglasses?
It sucks to live in equator zone sometimes.

Trench coat - Hennes & Mauritz, Socks - F21, Empeine Azul Suede Wedges - Bimba & Lola,
White Camisa - Ralph Laurent, Bag - Aldo, Fox tail fur  - China town

Oh yeah, I've just done creating my ransom note. 
It is a quote from Marilyn Monroe.
Love it

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


" Dad, look! There is a fairy in the tree! " - lil boy at the saddle club.
Yes it is another frames for my fashion communication project. 
Well, even though I am not going to use this image as my final work, 
I really felt into it. The gaze from Renata ( the talent ), the flower wreath made from 
a fresh pink rose and baby breath make it more adorable. 
The way that all the organza and chiffon had been set up, even the pastel balloons make it 
more avant garde.

ps : Can't wait to show the whole series of the spread!

Monday, March 5, 2012

saddle club - peak - a - boo

Meet my model, Renata Kroone from ukraine. 
We've been together for 2 days during the fashion shot on saddle club.
This young girl have been work with Vogue before and I love her face, gesture, and more over she is 
"it girl" that we've been looking for. 
Can't wait to show you guys about a whole fashion spread!

credits :
Art Director - Ms.kim
Stylish - Debby and Aggy
Make up - Lianne
Photographer - Me

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random stuff = Whole concept

Its been so long I've never post ANYTHING at all. I feel kind of slacking just now.
No time to dress up neither shot. Geez!
Last week I just finished my school project, a shoot for Lula magazine fashion spread.
It was quiet fun and I enjoyed it a lot. 
We used Renata Kroone as a model. Will show some pics later on.
It was really fun when we used a horse and a rabbit to play with. 
We did it on Saddle club ( SINGAPORE), and all of us get bite from a blood sucker.
Freakin fun being the photographer !

ps: Have u guys ever heard about Tim Walker? He is a Famous 'set up' Photographer, and only 1 word could describe his work! 

Well, special credits to all of the photographer and everyone that I choose the pics as my references, 
Help me and my team A LOT!