Monday, April 23, 2012

girl of my dreams

Well, I found it irritating as well if I need to post the spreads one by one everyday.
So here it is, my whole project about from zero to hero if I may say.
It is consist of all the team hard work and effort.
So, I proudly present my first fashion spread.
" The Infinity Lane "

Photographer : Beby Salim Angkasa ( me )
Art director : Eileen Leow
Copy writer : Charlene Alena
Stylist : Agnes Koh Pei Yu and Debbie Lim
Make up and Hair : Li - anne de Souza

Friday, April 20, 2012


Recently, I've been very busy doin my project. It was, mmnn let me put it this way, 
I feel like a goat that nearly pass off because I have no sleep. Damn!
Well, u know fashion communication 
is not that simple this day if I may say. However, we did it very well. 
 I am proudly present my project base on Lula magazine as our team inspiration.
we called it " the infinity lane" . I think I will just  post them each a day.
don't miss it.

credits :
Photographed by : me!
Art director : Eileen Leow
Stylist : Agnes Koh Pei Yu and Debbie Lim
Copy Writer : Charlene Alena
Make up and Hair : Li - anne de Souza

Saturday, April 7, 2012

windy witch

I never like wearing a pump shoes and walk. I can feel my feet screaming. 
However, I start to do it as well, I think most women will look sexy with their heels on.
" a girl just as hot, as the shoes she choose." - Lady Gaga
I donno how all the fashion icon could possibly walk without pain.
*sigh,.' and *screaaaammmmmm

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

little dots

Recently, I just realize that mostly my outfit is blue colour with a polkadot pattern.

Socks ; Blazer - H & M, Artificial Ring - Mango , Blue Loafers - Gucci