Sunday, September 23, 2012


privilege timing that comes 20 minutes a day, I feel like a country girl
with lot of states in my mind lately. I do really conservatives I realise.
I feel serene yet uneasy, so I pull off one of my flower print scarf that
will cover my neck but still with a childish touch that came from my lil
watches by Lego, tartan prints is forever, dull colours is my weapon in

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a good-time

I know it's been quiet sometimes not to post anything. Actually this pics is all from two weeks ago, 
too bad I forgot all my pass for email and everything, I don't know what happen to my brain lately
maybe it just stop functioning? well, only God's know why. Whatever, I got to shoots my bro and 
the Gang ( sorry bro, don't have any idea what to call your pals ) but they are really entertaining yes
I realize that all of u guys is so much cooler than me in term of knowledge about fashion which is
very interesting I swear. 

ps : For your safety reasons, I did not dare to post all of yours handsome ( or maybe not ? ) faces

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

little black dress

hiloww as u guys now that I am busy as a fashion student with amass
of project to handle on, I have a very pack schedule as a part timer too
this is my little black dress, simple hemline with boxy shoulder, 
classic elegance and palatial senses.

We did a quick photo shot with wardrobeflux whom is my team for this
whole semester, and I am holding Mr. Furry clutch back that made by 
us, with our captain Eileen Leow. DIY is not that bad huh?
Find this superb dress in Little Hiccup collection.