Tuesday, July 31, 2012

when ms. sunny meet mr. rainy

holiday is over even though I'm not ready yet.
I don't feel like going either but I'm surely know I have to face the world 
I am barely panic about my new classes and you know all the little details 
about new semester, while I feel confident enough.
anyway I gain some weight during this pastime which is not good, no joke.

not so many of us like to wear raincoat here truthfully. well yes I do like it,
just wear it with a cute stars print jumpsuit and you know, torn stocking wouldn't be that bad.

raincoat - stradivarius
million stars jumpsuit - ohnoiforget
stocking - anywhere
watch - Bonia & Rado 
high casual sneakers - Louis Vuitton

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"who in the world am I?"

I was just think if there will be another month for me to spend.
oh dear, you know how I cherish my time in my lovely hometown
when the time fly fast. I am not a very much floral girl but I agree that 
floral prints seasons is some kind of refreshment, moreover it's summer! 
(it's always be in Indonesia) 

goin by a thin layers dress when you cover it by denim shirt and making a knot in your bust?
I'm in.

ps: Sometimes wearing your papa stuff it's so much fun. 

Zara Kids - Next - Daisho - the lil thing she need - cotton on kids - Ralph Laurent - F21 - Papa socks from Muji - Charles and Keith  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

clock is ticking when i'm knocking

i feel like marshmallow,
set the light low 
is it blue or yellow?
let's make it slow

ps: will take some time for me to recover from bruised and sprained 

Monday, July 9, 2012

phlegmatic love pathetic

sometimes people can be determine from what they wear,
which show their integrity as a human being.
i never accept the fact that i might be a fashionable chic
just because i like to combine clothes or wear something cracky.
comfort come first yes? 


lately i'm addicted to wear a suit or a formal clothes, and
something bluish, how about you ?

cyan blazer - Pull & Bear
short - H&M 
(it's a coincidence to own them like a suit )
mint peter pan - sister 
wedges - nine west
techno horsebit large shoulder flap - Gucci

Thursday, July 5, 2012

my head stuck in merry-go-round

I wasn't thinking about you either,
is not about having each other
nor chasing another 

so, what do you ask for? 
ain't give you a favor 

let's do it proper 
quit as a lover
when you know it is over

puffy- jeans - shirt  - mom collection
jeans blazer - H&M
red lover pants - True Religion
wristlet - Louis Vuitton & Mashimmo Dutti 
necklace - forget
hat - LA new era
button ballet flat shoes - Balenciaga
Muse two Cabas tote - YSL

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mr. Medicine

when everything is not right
I need you dear Mr. Medicine

you, who own my heart and my mind
nothing like you,
no one will 

strong and solid
shall I tarry you around?

or will u stay?
the other side of mine,

brocade top - meiji
skirt and statement necklet 
peep toe stilettos - Forever New
sugar green earrings - Stradivarius 
white ceramic watch - Bonia
rings - Mango & Mom's collection
wristlet - Louis Vuitton
clutch - Bottega Veneta