Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I come to realise that mostly blogger need passion, passion in fashion especially. 
The passion that I don't think own by myself. 
So, pardon me but this will be my last post about myself and clothes that
I wear, I swear. Let me put it in clever words that come very limited from my mouth. 
I personally intend to look special only in front of my kind-a-special people as well. 
Which, I find it not suitable for me to created a fashion blog that 
contents of me, myself, and I. 
So, yes, I decided to stop blogging.

past is the pass

Hell-o Good-bye

Sunday, September 23, 2012


privilege timing that comes 20 minutes a day, I feel like a country girl
with lot of states in my mind lately. I do really conservatives I realise.
I feel serene yet uneasy, so I pull off one of my flower print scarf that
will cover my neck but still with a childish touch that came from my lil
watches by Lego, tartan prints is forever, dull colours is my weapon in

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

a good-time

I know it's been quiet sometimes not to post anything. Actually this pics is all from two weeks ago, 
too bad I forgot all my pass for email and everything, I don't know what happen to my brain lately
maybe it just stop functioning? well, only God's know why. Whatever, I got to shoots my bro and 
the Gang ( sorry bro, don't have any idea what to call your pals ) but they are really entertaining yes
I realize that all of u guys is so much cooler than me in term of knowledge about fashion which is
very interesting I swear. 

ps : For your safety reasons, I did not dare to post all of yours handsome ( or maybe not ? ) faces

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

little black dress

hiloww as u guys now that I am busy as a fashion student with amass
of project to handle on, I have a very pack schedule as a part timer too
this is my little black dress, simple hemline with boxy shoulder, 
classic elegance and palatial senses.

We did a quick photo shot with wardrobeflux whom is my team for this
whole semester, and I am holding Mr. Furry clutch back that made by 
us, with our captain Eileen Leow. DIY is not that bad huh?
Find this superb dress in Little Hiccup collection.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


it was such a nightmare for me to sleep less than 10 hours for this past 
2 days. What even worst is I have not approach my project yet. I was 
on Shenton Way to take a pics about what a proper outfit for a young 
(or mostly not) professionals ( ex : banker and so on ), whatever, but 
my schedule is overly tight for having a lunch, which I wish I will be 
fine. Anyway, Shenton Way is pretty near to MBS and China town. I 
should have a whack at travelling around Singapore since I NEVER 
did that, humiliating yes?

ohyah, this semester I have to do a fashion beauty images base on 
the campaign. Riveting yet challenging, studio photography is not
as cheesy as I thought.   

Monday, August 13, 2012


Okay, let's make this as a fresh beginning. well, finally here 
I am, back to the place that I belong to. Singapore, and I am 
starting my new semester not so long ago. I was on this clothes 
this morning with my new pair of Shazzam heels, bad news is, 
I don't know  how many time I almost fell down. Whatever, is not 
going to freakin me out, they are just too pretty to be ignored. agree? 

I never dare to wear a crop top actually, its just not comfortable for me.
I'm a bit of old fashion I know, but it does not matter when u can wear
it with a pretty high waist skirt. With me?

Le Bijou - Steve Madden - Dolce and Gabbana 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

mask anyone?

Lately, I can't stop imagining if I own a mask that really similar to the object.
Sometimes, I think it's better for me not to be identified by each other. 
Do whatever I want and I don't have to feel ashamed. 
Will it be more expressive and fun? 
 Okay, let's start with the mask on our head.

special credits to my favourite illustrator Ryan Berkley,
I really admires his work.