Saturday, January 28, 2012

free time

This weekend, I should rest for a while, keep everything done and refresh. 
Need more than once. 
Refresh, refresh, refresh.
So, here I am, in the middle of Somerset, in front of Candy Empire.
Damn, I feel sleepy now.

Bag - Fred Perry, Shoes - Toms, Jeans - H&M, Belt - Louis Vuitton, Jacket - Bershka, Watch - Fossil, Yellow stripes - F21

Friday, January 27, 2012


Finally, I have time to manage my blog again. 
Today I don't fell quiet well. This dress I got it vintage. Love the collar so much.
Very chinese obviously, even though is not for chinese new year.
This weekend seems to be very busy, got a lot of stuff to do.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

 Dress - Vintage, Watch - Fossil, Ring - gift from boyfriend, Sweater - Mango, Shoes - Massimo Dutti

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Ironically, This is how I ended my day and at the same time, how I started my day.
It's been 3 weeks since I've got to school and really need to leave my social life.
Today, I do a lot of mind map and mood boards, presentation slide, blablabla for my client.
Good thing is, I spend an hour to play card with my flatmates. Things go crazy for whom is lose in the game. Why?
A small cup of expired yoghurt is not to bad after all, for loser ONLY.

I really loved their works, Someday I'll show mine. 
Special credits from me , 
best regards


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Let me introduce you guys with my flatmates. Both of them are from Indonesia too. 
Mostly we spend our time for doing homework. But today, we wake up super late and I don't really care about my homework at all. So, here we are shooting each other and have some fun.

It was really great to spend our time with people whom is precious for us, thank you guys!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Aglio Olio

 Hilllloowwww, Today our special menu is spaghetti aglio olio.
Things that we need is,
First olive oil, garlic, chili, prawn and salt,etc.
Mixed them together and stir it carefully.

While we cooked, we also have to boil the spaghetti at the same time.

ps : Sorry, forget to show the spaghetti while it's done. Too hungry!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

function or fashion?

We are a completely different person, but we are the best flatmate ever!
meet my quirky flatmate, Joanna.
So, here is the plan.
We bought a gift for each other. 
Joan know what I like and last night I just show her what I want.
I know what she want, besides her watch are kinda broke so I thought of it.
So here we are,
First we do not know what is in the paper bag. Then we exchanged.
She hold my paper bag, so do I.

Second, we try to figure it out what is that and really shock when we look at the boxes.

Third, I still confusing what's going on? 
But I guess she know what happen! We bought the same stuff for each other!

I really am happy! I obviously in love with this watch! and guess what? The watches it self are quiet rare 
and those are the last 2 pieces in Singapore. One in Ochard (I bought it there) and one in Marina Bay Sands! What a coincident?

2 happy faces!

ps: it's a joke! don't take it seriously guys..hahaha, we bought it together though.

meet my flatmate!
Joanna Christie Lie. 19 years old
She is a super cool product designer!

This is how powerpuff girls life,
 Blossom - Beby, Buttercup - Joanna, Bubbles - Marcell

and we wish you a happy new year for those who celebrate it! 
Have a good year!
I wish I can go home and have a wonderful year with all my families and my twin brother.
miss them all 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

fat free, Marche

 It's weekend! Finally i have time to breath and settle a lot of things.
Quiet happy with my decision. I did not changed my specialism. 
How ever, I hope I won't regret it. So, today I went to shop and eat a lot.
Half crunchy pork leg. Sounds good, and honestly it is! SUPER!

Coat - F21, sleeveless shirt - Ralph Laurent, Tights - h&m,
slipper - Uniqlo

 my photographer - marcellfortunaque
she has a great talent to make me look slimmer
Hat and blazer - h&m, clutch - Dorothy Perkins, Watch - DKNY, leather bangles - Massimo Dutti
Bunny ring and shorts - present from my boyfriend, sleeveless shirt - Ralph Laurent

Thursday, January 19, 2012

going crazy

My life is such a mess right now.
Is there any answer for me? What will I became?
Should I start over again?
Please, help me to figure it out. I have less than 12 hours to decided.
Damn it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

think twice

Have you guys feel that you are in a wrong place.
That is how I feel when I get to know more about fashion communication course.
"ahhh! I took a wrong steps!Darn it!" that sort a feeling is really happen to me right now.
Honestly I just realize it now, and it is kind a late for me to change course (I want to do design com instead). But, I will try to get in. I hope I do not have to waste 1 year in case I have to repeat because I past 1 semester already. I really confused right now. I really am.

Monday, January 16, 2012

15 minutes sunset - sunlight

Today is Monday, and most people do not like monday. For me Monday is like a new day 
to face the reality for countless time. When I wake up this morning, I feel uneasy.
Monday = Editorial class which I am not good at.
Have you guys ever heard 15 minutes quotes by Andy Warhol?
That is what exactly LASALLE college cafe named.
Pretty cool.

Dress a gift, ankle boots by Zara, sweater by h&m, bag Marc by MJ, bangles and rings all from massimo dutti.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Witch

 I really like the way I dress today. I look obviously taller. 
I have a Fashion photography class today and I really get excited about it.
I am seriously looking toward it. Someday I hope I will make a spread for Vogue or Bazaar magazines.
Special thanks to my lovely shortie housemate Ms. Marcell Fortuna for taking all my pictures.

Bangles Massimo-dutti, Bag - Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings - Promod, Pumps - F21

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arcus pluvius

It mean rainbow in latin. Today I feel really bright. Everything seems to be right.
This kinda feel makes me really comfortable at some level.
For some reason, I feel ready.

top & Shoes - F21, bangles - Pull & Bear, Watch - Marc by MJ, Hat - Zadig & Voltaire, Pants - unbranded, socks - H&M.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is VOGUE UK 2008. I find it while I do my research for styling class. 
I find it very interesting while VOGUE try to created woman fantasy by their spreads.
This is really inspired to create my own project. I hope you guys enjoy it too.