Sunday, March 4, 2012

Random stuff = Whole concept

Its been so long I've never post ANYTHING at all. I feel kind of slacking just now.
No time to dress up neither shot. Geez!
Last week I just finished my school project, a shoot for Lula magazine fashion spread.
It was quiet fun and I enjoyed it a lot. 
We used Renata Kroone as a model. Will show some pics later on.
It was really fun when we used a horse and a rabbit to play with. 
We did it on Saddle club ( SINGAPORE), and all of us get bite from a blood sucker.
Freakin fun being the photographer !

ps: Have u guys ever heard about Tim Walker? He is a Famous 'set up' Photographer, and only 1 word could describe his work! 

Well, special credits to all of the photographer and everyone that I choose the pics as my references, 
Help me and my team A LOT!

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