Tuesday, March 27, 2012


After a few suffering week, FINALLY. I can breath for a while.
Today is a sunny day, so I prepare for my sun glasses and feel like dress up nicely to attend styling class.
It is very uncommon for people whom staying in the two seasons country wear a trench coat.
What for? There will be no snow, not even cold wind will blow. 
I realize if I wear trench coat most people will stare at me, but
WHO care? As long as I look good.
However, I could not take the pics of my new babies outdoor because it's suddenly started to rain.
Damn! Why should I bring my cam and sunglasses?
It sucks to live in equator zone sometimes.

Trench coat - Hennes & Mauritz, Socks - F21, Empeine Azul Suede Wedges - Bimba & Lola,
White Camisa - Ralph Laurent, Bag - Aldo, Fox tail fur  - China town

Oh yeah, I've just done creating my ransom note. 
It is a quote from Marilyn Monroe.
Love it

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