Friday, February 24, 2012

Pretty Mama!

Woaaa, it's been so loooooooong I've never post anything ( so BUSY this few days )
This pic taken just a day after valentine day. It's me and my pretty momma! (love her so much)
she was in SG for her beloved daughter and shop as well.
Do we look alike? Can't wait for holiday while I spent my time at my home town.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

black valentine

It's a valentine day, What are you guys doing? Dinner with someone special?
Well, I don't. But, someone special send me a gift and chocolate. 
He never been so romantic before, and I feel my heart skip a beat.
( he ask a lot of people to help him, special thanks to all of them )
I share a lot of candy with my classmate.

 blouse - unbranded, A-line skirt - F21, belt - vintage, red headband - F21, Mary-Jane shoes - Top Shop

ps : I love him more and more

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My daddy hair

Recently, there is a bunch of people keep asking me the same question about me perm my hair.
Well yeah, even though it look like I did, obviously I am not. 
I feel proud for my wavy hair, and thanks to my daddy so much to inherited his wavy hair.

I was quiet experimental about my look back then, I oftenly cut them into super short, bob hair, spike, etc. Yes I did perm and straight hair, nor coloured my hair until I realize my hair is dry.
Once again I cut it as short as my brother hair ( If I am not wrong ) and let it grow naturally.

You know what is the most exited thing about vintage?
It's classy and believe it or not, almost no one will own the same stuff that u had.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hellowwww! So this pics is basically for photography homework about light.
We took this pics around 6 - 7 PM, when the sun is in the "golden timing". Only happens around 25 - 40 minutes. Essentially, we took each other pics and exchange. 
Love the light.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I never like beach as much as I like hills or even mountain. 
This is some project that I did with my client Rachel ( her pic bellow ).
Basically we need to do make over to our clients with max budget around 40 S$ which is very challenging. For the Spring Summer 2012 trends is something about Sea, Ocean, Beach, Sailor, etc.
I love what she bought for me, besides is super elegance yet vintage.

Top - Vintage 17 S$, Maxi skirt - Bugis st, 18 S$ , Loafers - Gucci, Watch - DKNY

Meet my client Rachel Choong. She really loves boho style. So I tried to mix her style with a lil bit of 
vintage prints, and voillaaaaaaaa~ it work very well.
This project is AWESOME

Saturday, February 4, 2012


 Basically , I don't feel so good today. So I have a lil walk with my brother ( cousin ) around Marina Bay Sands - Singapore and we talk a lot and he start to shoot me. Well, I don't dress well today honestly.
I like the way he took my pictures. Gonna miss him though.

   Yeah, anyway this shirt I got it from my boyfriend. Love him and love this. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lazy day

Hola! It was raining so hard before and I think Singapore almost drowning again! In fact, is not.
So here I am in the middle of my way going to Plaza Singapore.
With my camera bag and an umbrella to safe me from the rain. The weather is damn nice.
Windy and it was a good day, especially after I learned a lot from photography class.
Love it!

Oh yeah, about the shirt, I really love it! My boyfriend bought it for me from Little hiccup online shop.
This was from Little Hiccup vintage collection. The details are really amazing, especially for the embroidery that I keep watched it over and over again. The blue button make this shirt looks more desirable! 

Shirt - Little Hiccup, Bag - Hellolulu, Tie - Forget, Socks and Umbrella - H&M, Pants - F21