Saturday, February 11, 2012

My daddy hair

Recently, there is a bunch of people keep asking me the same question about me perm my hair.
Well yeah, even though it look like I did, obviously I am not. 
I feel proud for my wavy hair, and thanks to my daddy so much to inherited his wavy hair.

I was quiet experimental about my look back then, I oftenly cut them into super short, bob hair, spike, etc. Yes I did perm and straight hair, nor coloured my hair until I realize my hair is dry.
Once again I cut it as short as my brother hair ( If I am not wrong ) and let it grow naturally.

You know what is the most exited thing about vintage?
It's classy and believe it or not, almost no one will own the same stuff that u had.


  1. bebbyyyyy just know that you blog ! MISS YOUUU!

    1. waaaa! long time no seee! miss u too, how's life? everything's fine?

    2. yess! how's yours? kapan balik jakarta beb? jalan2 brg dong kalo balik kabar2in :D

  2. it does look like an apron, celemek mama buat masak but it look gorgeous on you though


  3. waaaaaa,, malu gw dengernya,,
    hahaha, Thank you little