Sunday, January 22, 2012

function or fashion?

We are a completely different person, but we are the best flatmate ever!
meet my quirky flatmate, Joanna.
So, here is the plan.
We bought a gift for each other. 
Joan know what I like and last night I just show her what I want.
I know what she want, besides her watch are kinda broke so I thought of it.
So here we are,
First we do not know what is in the paper bag. Then we exchanged.
She hold my paper bag, so do I.

Second, we try to figure it out what is that and really shock when we look at the boxes.

Third, I still confusing what's going on? 
But I guess she know what happen! We bought the same stuff for each other!

I really am happy! I obviously in love with this watch! and guess what? The watches it self are quiet rare 
and those are the last 2 pieces in Singapore. One in Ochard (I bought it there) and one in Marina Bay Sands! What a coincident?

2 happy faces!

ps: it's a joke! don't take it seriously guys..hahaha, we bought it together though.

meet my flatmate!
Joanna Christie Lie. 19 years old
She is a super cool product designer!

This is how powerpuff girls life,
 Blossom - Beby, Buttercup - Joanna, Bubbles - Marcell

and we wish you a happy new year for those who celebrate it! 
Have a good year!
I wish I can go home and have a wonderful year with all my families and my twin brother.
miss them all